Monday, November 13, 2006

Still alive, still on hiatus...

Hi everyone!!! I'm just popping in to give you a quick update on what I'm up to:

My hiatus has been very productive so far, and my kids are doing great!!! Their new thing lately is whales and dolphins -- apparently they've decided to take a break from being hooked on trains.

However I have a lot left to do on my Java project, so I will continue to be on hiatus for another month. That means that I won't be posting new entries here (you didn't see this one...) and I (mostly) won't be reading the blogs in my sidebar until December 15.

I will return, though, so I'd like to kindly ask all those who are linking to me not to unlink me. :D

Oh, and to those of you who are not linking to me, link to me!!! Don't make me get out my leather outfit with the steel-tipped stilettos and my riding crop. ;^)

Even while I'm hard at work, I still get in a little bit of fun. Lately I've been drawing a series of illustrations for my novel Exmormon. As you know, I'm planning to post the whole novel as a serial, and I figured it'd be just that much more entertaining with pictures!!!

This new art project is taxing my meager artistic talents to the limit. Luckily the novel is a comedy -- so the illustrations don't have to be good, just funny. I can do funny. ;^)

As a sneak preview, here's one I drew over the weekend that I'm particularly pleased with:

Here's the full-size version: Mishies at the Cafe des Arts

You may have noticed that I've added illustrations to the sample chapters in my sidebar as well.

I look forward to being back up and blogging soon!!! Keep on keeping Outer Blogness warm for me!!! :D