Sunday, March 17, 2013

The end of the U.S.S. Galois!!

I've just uploaded the last two episodes in our fabulous Star Trek-parody series!!

Here's the whole Start Trek Galois series as a YouTube playlist.

Babel, Babel, Bass, and Treble is a comedy-murder-mystery that takes place at a musicology contest. You may wonder how that can be the plot of a Star Trek episode, but anything can happen on the Galois! Basically the plot is a spoof on the original-series Journey to Babel episode crossed with the film What's Up Doc? (which was a family favorite when we were kids, as I mentioned earlier).

We wrote this episode for a big family reunion, so it is full of uncles and cousins, and such. For example, my cousin Aerin is in it.

Then, there's the last episode, Hansel and Galois. Captain Thelev's ambition finally gets the best of her, and the poor little USS Galois goes out with a bang!

I hope you'll like 'em!