Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three more panels!

Yep, only three new ones since New Years', but... these three are real doozies!!

You may recall from my last "state of the me" that I'd succeeded in my goal of finishing 10 pages before the end of Christmas Break (in fact I finished slightly more than 11). And here we are on the 28th of February, and I've only finished another three panels...?

The thing is that the first 9 pages all took place in the underground research institute, and then the characters came up to the interior of the tower. Then, on the 11th page, one character fatefully steps outside! Which means I have to draw the campus.

I took my time on these because I'm a bit of a novice at drawing the outsides of buildings -- and I invented these from pure imagination -- I wasn't even looking at photos for inspiration (except for the cityscape in the background). So please don't tell me the lighting and perspective is all messed-up -- I would have drawn it better if I were better at this! ;)

So here's the last panel of part 2 of this story:

And here's the top half of page 28 (the 11th page I drew), so you can see my other two new panels in context:

The remaining panels take place inside the dormitory -- another background I haven't drawn yet -- so it's back to the drawing board!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Edina Puppet Theater 1990: The case of the confused catnappers!

Here's another episode of the puppet show series I did with some friends back in the summer of 1990: