Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nerd-hobby time again!!!

So, I've been busy with my nerd-hobbies again!!

My kids (especially Leo) and some of their friends from school love playing Minecraft together, so I thought it would be fun if they could play together online across the Internet. Plus, I thought it would be fun for them to play online with their cousins across the ocean. So I set up a Minecraft server for them on the Internet!!

I figured that I might as well make a second server (for my blog friends, see here) since setting up two minecraft servers is as easy as one...

The funny thing is that setting up the server was almost as much fun as playing!! (I wrote about it on my professional blog.) I signed up with linode, and (I'm not being paid to say this) I totally recommend them -- their service is great!

For my work, I have to maintain some server applications running on some Linux machines, and it's fun to have my own little (virtual) Linux machine out there in the cloud that I can run hobby stuff on! Soon I will figure out how to migrate the Main Street Plaza blog to it.

And -- in case that isn't nerdy enough -- here's another episode of my Star Trek parody series!! This is one of my very favorite episodes, even though I'm hardly in it. It's the one where my little sister plays a child-genius who invents a new life form, which, naturally, escapes and wreaks havoc...


Unknown said...

I've been playing with Better Than Wolves, a mod for minecraft that makes it harder in some ways (beds don't work and buckets don't carry source blocks of water or lava, for example). It really gets me making farms and mob grinders.

But I also like playing with other people, let us know if you wish to open on of your servers up to new people. It would be fun to see whats being built!

Unknown said...

gah, by unknown? I used google to comment. Here I am on google+:

C. L. Hanson said...

Sure. Email me your minecraft username, and I'll add you to the whitelist: chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com

It's a vanilla server, but someone has already built a mob-grinder. :D