Monday, February 20, 2006

Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn...

Again because I have no shame, I'm reposting a bunch of immature stuff I wrote in my journal when I was 11 years

January 10, 1983

I ironed on a drawn Garfield that I drew to a white T-shirt. I wore it to school and everyone thought it was teriffic. Becca W- got pushed into a puddle by some fifth graders. The whole class had to write paragraphs about pizza. Amy's and mine were the best so Mrs. Byrne read them to the class.

Well, maybe I should start from the beginning. We had art instead of Science today. Mr. Ryle is our art teacher. He's really weird. We drew cities with perspective.

In music we switched seats so now I sit next to Eric R- in Science and Music. Actually I like him and he likes me so it's a good thing.

Recess wasn't that interesting, just cold. In math we had a substitute. Mrs. Bang. She was really nice and I wish we could trade in Mr. Kesti for her. Nothing interesting happened in reading.

During lunch I shared my lunch with Amy as usual. She never gets anything good in her lunch. I always get: a sandwich, a fruit-roll, chips, and a dessert.

During recess, Amy and I made up a song to the tune of L-O-double-L-I-P-O-P spells lollipop. Our words are "Mel-iss-a and Mark equals true love, love, it's the best of any kind of sex, sex, it's the kind of sex that's rated X, X. Mel-iss-a and Mark, true love you see, when you see behind the tree, it'll make you say 'Woo-whee!' oh love to see."

When we came in was when we found out that Becca had been pushed into a puddle. Then we did the pizza paragraphs. Also I know some French: "Le coq est mort" pronounced "La coke a mort." It means "The rooster is dead."

January 27, 1983

In class I got caught twice for chewing gum (same piece both times) and twice for talking to Laura. She gave me a cough drop. It gave me a headache.

We had Sex-Ed. And we wrote down a bunch of dumb questions. Susan asked: If you get your period, can you see the egg if you look carefully on your pad?

I wrote: Who was that cute blond boy in the film? and If you have a miscarriage, what if the baby starts growing on your pad?

In Girl Scouts we're starting cookie sales. Dad ordered four boxes. Other than that I can't start sales until Saturday.

February 10, 1983

Today I put together eight heart-shaped pink sugar cookies in tissue paper as a valentine for Eric R- and I'm going to give it early so as to give him time to give me flowers or candy or a plant or something. I'm not giving just to get though, I like him.

February 14, 1983

Today I was giving Eric his valentine. I wrote a tag that said "To Eric R-" on it and left it in the back of the room in Math class secretly. Everyone thought it was from Melissa.

We saw a movie. Jill and I threw dry beans at the rest of the audience. It was a field trip. Three sixth grade classes and two fifth grade classes. The movie was "The Man from Snowy River."

I now hate Melissa and Amy. They're creeps. My best friends are: Jill, Nikki S-, and Jenni G-. Some other friends are: Nikki I-, Patty A-, and Susan.

February 15, 1983

I went skiing today. I went down the lumpy hill a lot.

I had my patriarichal blessing today. It told a lot of wonderful things. I don't remember all of it.

February 16, 1983

Today Jenni came in on crutches. It was because of an incident skiing. She went down the lumpys and fell. She tore a ligament.

It took a while of sitting in the snow, but the first-aid guy came pulling a sled. Jenni was lifted into it (it was easy because Jenni's small). From there she got a snowmobile ride. I was there the whole time.

During lunch Melissa sat near me. She started eating an orange and said, "I used to be an orange freak." Then I said to Nikki S-, "Now she's a plain-colored freak."

You were eleven once, right? I'm just posting this so you'll see how very much I've improved since then... ;-)


Sideon said...


I don't know if I dare look at anything I wrote in my teens... oh gawd.

Sideon said...

Off topic:

I'm indebted to you and posting the link to Gay Mormon Stories. Thanks for the wonderful connection via the internet. :)

I read some of TLC's writing at work yesterday - BIG mistake. I had tears by the end of the story about his partner that had died.

I'm not on the Exmo-Social board at all, just RfM. The social bug hasn't hit me yet... :) But my partner is fine with me hosting a local Exmo gig at the house. Beer, wine, swimming... bbq, whatever. If you're ever in the Bay area, I'll throw a shindig in your honor!

C. L. Hanson said...

Hi Sideon!!

TLC is an amazing writer, isn't he?

That's so sweet to offer to throw me a party!!! As much as I love living in France, ever since I've become an active Internet exmo I keep hearing about all of these fun parties that are too far away for me to attend... Ah well, someday!!! :D

Maybe you could get TLC himself to attend your party. I don't remember where he lives, but he's surely closer to you than I am.