Monday, March 20, 2006

By the way...

If you like my blog, maybe you would also like to read my novel -->

Like my blog, it's a fun read and it's free to read it in electronic form. All I ask in exchange is that you post your impressions of it to your own blog and/or favorite Internet forums (or fora?) with a link back to my blog. And really that's just the suggested donation -- I can't very well enforce it or anything.

You don't even have to like it. If you hate it, just be sure to post about why you hate it -- giving plenty of detailed examples -- and (important!) a link back to my blog.

Or -- dare I dream -- if you or your friends write book reviews for a real publication and are looking for something out-of-the ordinary to review, consider this book!!! :D

Hey, it's not like I'm asking you for money or something. Not like that Matt guy who posts a PayPal button at the top of every blog entry: Notamormon. (Hi Matt!!! Don't worry, I'm not saying that's tacky or anything... ;-) ).

I know that many of you have already read multiple sample chapters. How do I know this? Okay, I'll admit it -- like any blogger worth her salt I look at the stats on which page loads lead to other page loads. :D So why not read the whole thing?

Ideally, you might consider purchasing it, however if you prefer the free PDF version, please email me at chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com and confirm that you are not a minor. (Really the sex isn't all that graphic -- that's more of a better-safe-than-sorry precaution so I don't get in trouble for corrupting the youth...)

p.s. One of these days I'm going to break down and pitch it to a real publisher ;-) but I'm curious to see how much interest I can generate all on my own...


Matt said...

Of course it is tacky! But then I am a journalist and the truth is my wife has set me a challenge. I will reveal the challenge on my blog!

Sideon said...

Hey there, Chanson.

I got the pdf, but I'm just back in from a trip to DC. The next couple of days I'll get my bearings, but then I want to dive into your set of stories.

I hope this finds you well!