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Exmormon: the story

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Then I allowed myself to ask the one most forbidden question of them all: What if it's not true?

This is a story about growing up LDS and finding your own way when you've been taught about life out of a rulebook that paints everything simplistically in black-and-white.

The novel follows the intertwined lives of the kids of three Mormon families:

The Hansons: April, Lynn, and Annette
The Wendells: Kathy, Rex, Jill, Joy, and Jared
The Hobbs: Laura, Linda, Matt, Spencer, and Sam, plus Joe

Part I: Young Women's Thirteen-year-old April tries her best to gain a testimony and to be more righteous in her everyday dealings with her friends and family.
1. Barbie dolls and the Book of Mormon
2. A goal to gain a testimony
3. Truth or dare!
4. Divine intervention

Part II: Youth Conference Lynn and her two sisters go to Youth Conference in hopes of finding romance while learning about the gospel.
5. Let the manhunt begin!
6. Doomed unrequited love was something we could definitely relate to in the Mia Maids class
7. Sexual Purity
8. The scripture chase a.k.a. Another great year at Youth Conference

Part III: Saturday's Warrior Jill has a rather unfortunate romantic adventure while she and her brother Rex are participating in a community theater production of Saturday's Warrior.
9. He's perfect for the part
10. You're my obsession
11. A question of morality a.k.a. Danger! Danger! Danger!
12. Could I really love a man who could do something like this?
13. A problem and a solution
14. A favor for a friend a.k.a. Vegas road-trip part I
15. The grace period a.k.a. Vegas road-trip part II
16. Trying to make things right again
17. The sort of spiritual experience eternal companions should share

Part IV: Brigham Young University Lynn is a freshman at BYU, studying hard and having fun with friends. Some of her experiences (including being called in by the Honor Code Office and meeting up with apostate Rex) cause her to rethink her faith.
18. The most non-conformist girl in our dormitory
19. Confidences, confessions, and advice
20. An intimate little gathering a.k.a. Here's to new friends
21. Girl talk and a run-in with Standards
22. The epiphany a.k.a. I just don't belong here

Interlude: Gratuitous Love Scene The name says it all.
23. An even more intimate little gathering

Part V: Polygamist Joe runs away from his fringe Mormon (polygamist) family and is taken in by the family of his LDS uncle.
24. An uncertain destination
25. Who cares what Brigham Young said? I certainly don't!

Part VI: Temple Wedding Young adult exmormons Lynn and Rex go back to Utah Valley for the wedding of Lynn's sister Annette to returned-missionary Matt. All of the members of the various families are faced with the challenge of trying to work out their differences.
26. The disorienting trip back a.k.a. Persona non grata
27. How little do you know me after all these years?
28. A question of perspective a.k.a. The dreadful dinner scene
29. The people who weren't allowed to attend the ceremony in the temple
30. Forever family freak show a.k.a. You can't choose your family

Part VII: Orem High Jared and Joe are rivals for the affection of a new girl in school.
31. And where did he serve his mission?
32. A warm October day down by the Provo River
33. The big date a.k.a. Orem's not so bad when you give it a chance
34. I can rely on myself
35. Jared gets drunk and gets laid
36. Guy talk and the slightly less dreadful dinner scene a.k.a. Forget about her, Jared
37. A story I never tell anyone a.k.a. C'est la vie

Part VIII: Bordeaux Mission Spencer is faced with challenges and temptations as he meets up with some young people from back home during the final week of his mission.
38. The last P-day of my mission
39. Not some dorkazoid missionaries!
40. Even though the church is perfect, the people aren't
41. It's not that simple a.k.a. The temptation of Spencer Hobbs

Part IX: Exmo Conference Heavenly Father observes as a bunch of His wayward children get together for coffee, drinks, and a few laughs.
42. These beautifully flawed vessels

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