Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So, it finally came in the mail...

I hesitated to open it since I figured this inital edition would be all messed-up and unprofessional-looking...

Nope. It's beautiful. The overall production quality rivals anything I've seen from a "real" publisher. The typesetting job my brother did is absolutely gorgeous -- unsurprising since he's done typesetting for a number of published books.

I'm so used to reading this as a bunch of ugly printout pages from my computer -- bound together with a plastic spiral -- and even presented like that the story shines through. Yet I can hardly describe how astonishing it is to see it in this beautiful format, even if it isn't the "real" edition yet.

The only problem is the typos. There are still typos!!!

How many hundred million times do I have to read this damn thing before I find all of the typos??? >:^(


Joseph's Left One said...

You'll never find all the typos. Trust me. I know.

I can't imagine getting your first book in the mail. How cool is that?

I have got to make time to read it.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks JLO!!!

Do you have a book too?

Actually, even though it's my first novel, it's not technically my first book.

I also have written a Java book. My Java book is already published by a real publisher (unlike my novel ;-) ). But even though it gives details on how to write a video game that involves a cowboy jumping over tumbleweeds, the novel is still more entertaining!!! :D

That would be really cool if you would read it. You might like it -- I saw you were writing some teen memories over on your blog, and that's basically what the novel is all about... :D

AnnM said...

Perhaps I need your Java book. I showed my son my blog (the one with photos of him) a few weeks ago, and he was amazed that I had a website. "Can you make games for it?"

Well, yes, I suppose I could IF I had the faintest idea how! His only experience with websites is that they are a continual source of free computer games.

Yes, as you can tell from these random comments, I'm spending my day looking through your blog. I'm trying to find the link I saw to your brother's website, so I can decide if he (as editor of the Student Review) is the one responsible for my loss of testimony. Or perhaps it was those copies of Exponent II in the basement of the Maeser building.

You look familiar, especially in the oldest photo I've seen. Today I discovered that you have a PhD in math, and that we started BYU at the same time--although I took 5 years to finish. I was a math major for a time, although not a very good one. Hmm.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey sam-i-am!!!

Here's my brother's one post about the Student Review: Vanity Plates of the Nephites

Actually my brother and I were both more involved in production/layout -- neither of us was officially a "writer" or "editor" although we both contributed articles, features, and drawings.

That would be so cool if it turned out that we knew each other at BYU!!! I was there from '89 to '92, and spent most of my last year in the Math building.

When you were using a photo avatar, you looked vaguely familiar as well, so who knows? "C. L. Hanson" is not my real name, BTW -- I assume you know that -- but those are my real initials.

It's actually something of a joke name. I was calling myself "chanson" on various forums as a French translation of my first name "Carol", and a lot of people thought it was a login-name version of C. Hanson. I thought that was kind of amusing so I decided to go with it. ;-)

If you figure out my real name, you can find my Java book and learn to write many amusing games for cell phones!!!

It's pretty easy to figure it out and it's not a secret, but I'd prefer people not to post my name here because I use my real name professionally, so I'd prefer people to find my Java stuff instead of this when they google me...