Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We're all about trains at my house!!!

I was re-reading The Indelible Alison Bechdel the other day, and this panel made me laugh:

Haha!!! That poor mom!

Of course I don't follow the cartoonist's wise advice myself since I don't have to -- my kids love trains!!!

So I can get myself (I mean them ;-) ) as much train track as I want and set it up all over the living room so we can all play together:


Normally I love to travel, but I've been feeling so lazy recently that I ended up just spending my whole vacation in my pajamas playing with trains, as you can see from the following photographic evidence:


Sideon said...

Trains are COOL!

Scott and I have an N-class set. We set it up each year and have it running around the Christmas tree, terrorizing the cats - the dog is oblivious.

More track is always better than not enough!

La said...

Me too Don! We love legos, and we love trains, so we got a Lego Train. We put it around our Christmas tree, and the kids love it.

Aw, cute trains friends!

Sideon said...

I forgot to add that those pictures are beautiful!