Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bonne Fête, Maman !

Here in France, today is Mothers' Day!!!

(a.k.a. la fête des mères)

This is a very special Mothers' Day for me because this is the first year I've had a kid old enough to make me a Mothers' Day card and present himself!!!

I know it's a silly milestone, but you know how there's this tradition that every year cute little kids make little decorative ceramic pots for their mommies. It was just very sweet for me to receive one of these for the first time myself.

After carefully making the little pot, wrapping it, and giving it to me, Nicolas then broke it. I guess that's a standard Mothers' Day milestone as well... ;-)

I like to call this one "I'm cute, but my mommy dresses me funny"


Anonymous said...

Your boys are adorable - you totally deserve the bonne fete de maman treats and accolades you're getting today. For whatever else we are or may become, being a mom or dad is pretty hard to beat.

Cyn Bagley said...

Hope you had the best mother's day ever. :-) LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, Bonne fete maman then ! But when is it ?

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Anonymous!!!


I guess it was on May 28 -- the fourth Sunday in May. :D

BTW, if you're trying to improve your googlability on the query "Bonne fête Maman !" you need to actually link to your site, like this: Bonne fête Maman !

I know, even though it's a link to a commercial site and not a blog or article, I'll let it stand since it's relevant and inoffensive. ;-) Good luck on your business venture.