Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Naked People at Rutgers II

Today's blog entry is the exciting conclusion of "Naked People at Rutgers" (The first installment was posted here).

I'm not sure why I stopped drawing this comic strip after the second episode, but I think it was probably just that I ran out ideas. Basically, the whole point of the comic is "See? They're naked!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!"

I was able to milk that for two strips worth of material.

In today's installment, they run for student government. Before clicking on the logo below, remember that there's cartoon nudity in every panel!!!


Joseph's Left One said...

Very cute. For some reason, you sparked a memory of my honeymoon. My wife and I drove out a long dirt trail to a beach in the middle of nowhere on Cozumel. After we'd been there for a while, we both realized we were completely alone and no one was coming. I said I'd always wanted to swim naked, so I just peeled off my clothes and ran into the surf. I stayed naked for an hour or so, but my wife wouldn't do it. We wouldn't have made good nudists.

Sideon said...

Yeah, for naked voting!

In my 20's, I would have been a horrible nudist - too self-conscious about my own body.

Last year I would come home from work, chuck the clothes and hit the pool. Scott reminds me now and then that the front window blinds are up - oops. It's not that I'm proud of my body or showing off (though I'm in the best shape of my entire life) - it's just that I'm finally comfortable and relaxed with my own skin.

Chanson - I love your blog :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey JLO!!!

Even if you and your wife weren't great nudists way back when, it's still not too late -- you're not dead yet!!! :D

You can grow into it, like Sideon!!! ;-)

Go Sideon!!! Nudes Are Kool Enough Dudes!!! ;-)

Rebecca said...

Don't feel bad about not getting hater comments -- I, for one, am extremely offended by your naked comic strips. I think nudity should be illegal, even in private. People should have to shower in swimsuits. Babies should be born fully clothed. People should have full-body tattoos so that they're not naked underneath their clothes.