Monday, June 19, 2006

Men in kilts!!!

Okay, here are the promised pictures!!!

First of all, neophytes Mike and Leandro had some trouble getting all of their accessories adjusted just right. Fortunately some helpful Scots came by to lend a hand!!!

This is the cool thing about Scottish formal-wear -- for once it's the guys that get the fun of accessorizing!!! Check out those man-purses they get to wear. (I learned the correct term for these, but I promptly forgot it because I liked "man-purse" better.)

They also get to carry a little tiny dagger in their woolly socks in addition to the fetching tartan sock-swatch!!! How'd those Scottish fashion gurus ever think this stuff up?

Here we see John, Mike, and Leandro all in full manly formal-wear:

Here we see the happy couple:

Some of you may have heard that you're not supposed to wear underwear with a kilt, and perhaps you're curious as to whether our non-Scottish friends here have complied with that tradition.

Well, I'm not about to ask this of my own brothers, but -- fortunately for you curious little readers you -- someone else asked the question, so I can pass the response on to you:

"You're supposed to wear underwear with a rented kilt."

So there you have it.

And since you've all been good lately, I'll do as some have requested and post one of the wonderful pictures of me looking rather dumpy because the cut of my dress is all wrong:


Anonymous said...

"You're supposed to wear underwear with a rented kilt."

Well, that makes sense.

Fabulous photos, by the way! Thanks for sharing.

Cyn Bagley said...

What fun... and boy they look handsome... I was drooling... gotta grab that tissue. :-)

And you look good... you don't want to look better than the bride ya know.

AnnM said...

It is me!

I made a general rule when I left the church: no more floral dresses. That has saved me from many bad dress decisions.

My DH misses them a bit, though. He's from Idaho (not Mormon) and I think they remind him of every wholesome Mormon girl who wouldn't go out with him. He finally managed to catch one. Although she swears like a sailor and finishes off his wine.

C. L. Hanson said...


Hi Cynthia!! You know that's why I wore that dress -- I was selflessly thinking of the bride's feelings!!! ;-)

Hey sam-i-am!!! You have the right idea!!! I should just say no to floral-print dresses. Who ever heard of the infamous chanson in a flowery dress anyway? Any sane person can tell you that's just wrong on principle!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Since I no longer own any underwear I doubt that I could be convinced to wear some even with a rented kilt. Gosh, I hope they dry clean them anyway after each rental.

The boys look utterly delicious as always. (I don't think John, Mike & Leandro could look anything but delicious even if they were wearing sack cloth.) And the bride and groom, wow, absolutely beautiful!!

OK sweet Chanson - you are cut from the same cloth as the rest of your siblings - you couldn't look dumpy or dowdy even if you tried. Who can see the dress with a face like that rising above it so radiant and beautiful? Put your fears to rest sweet pea - you'd stop traffic with a canvas pup tent for a dress.

Thanks for sharing the pix - so good to see everybody and know that you all had such a wonderful time together for the wedding. What an amazing experience. The more I know about your family the more impressed I am. Y'all are just too cool.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Tom!!!

You're so sweet to us!!!

I'm sure they clean the kilts sufficiently -- these guys are just wimps!!! ;^)

Anonymous said...

The 'man-purse' is a sporran (and are worn because kilts don't have pockets), the 'woolly socks' are kilt hose and the 'fetching tartan sock-swatch' are garter flashes. Oh and the 'tiny little dagger' is a dirk worn in case any English are around... I'm English myself but boy, do I love a man in a kilt.

Cyn Bagley said...

still drooling.. me too (like men in kilts) too bad I can't get my hubby in one.

C. L. Hanson said...


Thanks emmag -- now it's coming back to me.

I still like man-purse better... :^)

Cynthia: They're cute, aren't they? :D

Anonymous said...

scotsmen never wear underwear under the kilt ,the man purse is a sporran ,the knife is the dirk ,but you look nice anyway so ill let you think what you like ,from true scotsman CAMERON MCLEISH

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Cameron!!!

I know, we're far from experts on this, but we had fun!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Way too late for anyone to notice, but the Commando under Kilt idea is from an olde joke:

Q. What's warrn undrr the kilt?

A. Nuthin' - ut's oll un purrfekt wirkin' ordrr.

What's really under there is ... well a Scottish secret. Its all we can do to wind up the minless sassenachs.

C. L. Hanson said...

LOL, thanks Hamish!!! :D

Unknown said...

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