Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sidebar cleanup...

You may have noticed that I've recently created a new category called "irregulars". This is for my own selfish convenience since I'd like to be able to click up and down my sidebar on any given day and on every click have a decent chance of finding new fun stuff to read.

If anybody objects to having been placed in the slow lane, please post a comment promising me that you'll update your blog more frequently and I'll be happy to move you back. ;-)

Additionally, as always if there are any exmo or other bloggers who ought to be in my sidebar and have been somehow tragically neglected, please post a comment, and I'll add you. (And don't forget to specify "Outer Blogness", "The Bloggernacle", "Other LDS-interest", or "irregular.")

In other Outer Blogness news, don't forget to check out the latest installment of Carnival of the Veil rounding up some of the highlights of the past week in exmo blog space.

Speaking of carnivals, my stalker memoir recently got included in a feminist carnival called Friday Femmes Fatales.

It's cool -- one month ago I didn't even know these sorts of carnivals existed, and now I'm in two of them... :D


Anonymous said...

Might as well delete mormAnarchy while you're at's more than irregular, it's dead. It was an ill-conceived attempt at having my Mormon cake and stomping on it too. No one was happy, especially me.

For now I've become a semi-regular Dr Jekyll at Purim by day and a lurking Mr Hyde in Outer-Blogness by night...

C. L. Hanson said...

Okay, no problem. We can stick with Purim, which is one of my favorite regular reads. :D