Friday, July 14, 2006

Exmo lit news!!!

Cynthia of Sierra Sage has just started a new blog Scrambled Sage on Toast for writers on writing!!!

It will deal with the craft of writing fiction and be a place for writers to work on their technique and creativity. Looks great, Cynthia!!! :D

In other exmo lit news, I've discovered another (self-published) book of exmo fiction!!! This one is a collection of short stories called Fluent Heresy.

It's a set of thought-provoking stories that explore the boundaries between possibility and impossibility -- between reason and madness -- in a Mormon-centric universe. A kind of a Jack Weyland meets the Twilight Zone...

(Well, except the last story which is a long and graphic sex scene. But exmo lit wouldn't be exmo lit without a graphic sex scene. ;^) )

Like my novel Exmormon, this book is available from Lulu. It's cheaper than mine ($12.40 instead of $16.01 -- since Lulu doesn't pay for content, they charge by the pound). So when you're making your Lulu account, why not save on shipping by buying both books together? :^)

The author of Fluent Heresy has posted a review of my novel Exmormon on his blog here. It is a very critical review, and I have to give a bit of a spoiler warning: he recounts the entire plot in detail, so if you want to know what happens without reading all 442 pages, then just go here. :D

Remember that any of the rest of you bloggers who are interested in posting your own impressions of the novel Exmormon, just email me (chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com) and I'll send you the electronic version. For those who are currently working on reviews, don't forget to email me when your review is posted, otherwise I might not see it.

Also note that there was a discussion thread for the novel Exmormon on the reviews forum of exmo-social. Remember that anyone can make an account on exmo-social and post there -- not just on this subject but on many other amusing topics. Don't forget to check out their new exciting "Outer Darkness" forums such as The Pit of Despair...

And in exmo-but-not-lit news, This week's "Carnival of the Veil" is currently up on Gunner's blog here!!!

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