Friday, July 07, 2006

Stories of leaving Mormonism

Noell (Agnostic Mom) has been posting a fascinating account of her journey out of Mormonism:

Leaving The Church Part 1
Leaving The Church Part 2
Leaving The Church Part 3
Leaving The Church Part 4

The thing that is most interesting to me is to see how different her path was from mine, despite some common elements. I've seen so much diversity in the experiences (and also in the personalities and temperaments) of the people I've met through RfM, exmo-social, and now Outer Blogness.

I think Domokun summed it up best in this post Looking Beyond the Mark:

I do know some apostates who were ultra-orthodox believing members. I also know many so-called "Liahona" mormons who became full-fledged apostates. There are jack-mormons who live heathen lifestyles who now no longer believe. There is an entire spectrum of belief and practice of those who finally come to the conclusion that the church is not for them, for whatever reason. In short, I think that the demographic of apostate mormons is orthogonal to orthodoxy in belief or practice.

Agnostic Mom's story inspired Tom Clark to post his story too: Born In The Cove.... (Tom is the same "TLC" who was a popular character on RfM and exmo-social, and who runs the Gay Mormon Stories site -- required reading for anyone who wants to understand the experiences of growing up gay and Mormon.)

Then these stories inspired JLO to post his deconversion story.

Plus I plan to post my own deconversion story as well in the coming weeks...


-Domokun- said...

I am flattered to be confused with Equality, since he's such a smart and erudite guy, but I'm even more flattered to be quoted on your blog. (I actually wrote that piece on Equality's blog as a guest author.)

Just there is no "one true church", there is no "one true way" to leave it, either.

C. L. Hanson said...


I've really got to pay closer attention when quoting other people's blogs... ;-)

Good article, BTW. I've gone back and corrected the attribution of the quote.

Joseph's Left One said...

You motivated me to post mine on my blog. I'm looking forward to hearing yours.