Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spotlight on my family

Today we have all of the posts on what a cool family I come from!!! :D

Me, on Star Trek!!!
Here I am as the Vulcan captain of the U.S.S. Galois, the starship I commanded for the fifteen-episode community cable Star Trek parody that my brother and I wrote and produced.

Cute Mormon Kid Drawings...
Mormon pioneers head west amid much persecution and volcanos.

The Tacky Prom!!!
Here we see her blowing a kiss to the little people in gratitude as she accepts the title of "Tacky Prom Queen":

Family history: we're different.
My mom's dad was born and raised in Utah and came from pioneer stock tracing back to Nauvoo, etc., but in some ways he was like an import or infusion of official history into a clan that was strongly centered in Illinois. My mother's mother's family all lived together in the same area long enough to ensure that our oral tradition has always centered around my great-grandfather: my mother's mother's father Grandpa G, who converted to the LDS church in the 1920's.

This will be fabulous!!! or a total disaster...
Apparently the Catholic church used to be more picky about insisting that both the bride and groom be Catholic in order to have a Catholic wedding (the bride is Catholic), but they've lately taken more of a "well, better than nothing" attitude. According to my mom, my little brother and his wife passed a special Catholic church wedding prep course, which Mom explained was "like a temple recommend" (except that it's just for the bride and groom, not the entire guest list).

Back from Scotland!!!
I think the problem is that the one white lie that's allowed in our culture is "No really, you look great. Seriously."

D'ooh!!! If only one honest person had said to me "No. Go put on the other dress."

Men in kilts!!!
This is the cool thing about Scottish formal-wear -- for once it's the guys that get the fun of accessorizing!!! Check out those man-purses they get to wear. (I learned the correct term for these, but I promptly forgot it because I liked "man-purse" better.)

The second stupidest thing I did in Scotland
I'm not doing it justice -- it was hilarious the way she told it!!! Everyone in this whole family is a jokemeister. Well, my siblings anyway -- my parents are kind of boring. (Kidding!!! Don't tell them I said that...)

Wedding in Brittany
I'm not recounting this story because I think it's cool or something. In truth I shouldn't be posting such a story to the Internet at all. But, I mean, nobody's really reading this, are they? Clearly in the wrong hands the Internet is a dangerous tool. Somebody stop me before I post again!!! ;-)


m said...

ah! And that yummy cousin again! Girl, do you have to torture me like that?

And how cool was that ST parody!!! Whoa! My sci-fi credentials are from the alternate universe of Babylon 5.

C. L. Hanson said...

Well, maybe we'll meet up on the planet Zoltron or something. ;-)