Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Divine Intervention

Things started looking brighter as soon as I woke up on Sunday morning. It was a sunny day, and we all managed to get ready and get to church on time without fighting. I even listened to all of Sacrament Meeting without reading a book. Lynn read Charly through the whole meeting -- which I thought was pretty funny since it's a Mormon story that should be teaching her to be good -- but I didn't judge her for it.

On Sunday afternoon and for the whole week I made progress on my Book of Mormon painting. It helped inspire me to do a good job on my other goals like helping my mom and obeying her willingly and being kind to my sisters. I felt like I should apologize to Lynn for telling the other girls that she played with Barbies. After all, apologizing and making amends are steps in the repentance process. But things were going well between us, and I was worried that bringing it up at all -- even to apologize -- would just cause trouble.

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Anonymous said...

See, I'm all smugly superior here, because I don't have to wait for the online chapters anymore...because I just got my hardcopy in the post today - yay! So I can gorge it all as fast as I want to now. :-)

C. L. Hanson said...


I hope you'll like it!!! :D