Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Young Women's

Last week, I finished posting Young Women's, which is part I of my novel Exmormon. Here are the four chapters:

1. Barbie Dolls and the Book of Mormon
2. A goal to gain a testimony
3. Truth or Dare!
4. Divine intervention

I'm taking a short pause before I begin posting Youth Conference. I've scheduled myself to begin it on April 17.

The reason for the pause is so that I can have plenty of time to do the illustrations. They're fun to do, but time consuming. And if possible I'd like to have them all done before I begin so that I can prepare a character chart for Youth Conference like the one I did for Young Women's: characters.

In other good news, I was reading along on a post by Wry Catcher the other day about a potpourri of interesting topics, and I happened upon a recommendation for my book!!!

Related to this, I bought and read C. L. Hanson’s novel Ex-Mormon, which was a very good read, and I gobbled it all up in two days time. Fascinating look at mormon and ex-mormon characters. I’m not writing an in-depth review because I’m not that kind of English major, but I very much enjoyed it, and I recommend reading this one!

Thanks Wry!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Well, looky there - I got a mention on Chanson's groovy blog! :-) Yes, I did love your book, and I think everyone should read it!!

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Wry!!! :D