Sunday, April 01, 2007


I want to be sure I'm linking to every post-Mormon blog I can find, but unfortunately my sidebar was getting a little out of control. So I'm moving all blogs that update less than once a month to this page (which will be linked from my sidebar). Note that I don't remove anyone from my blogroll unless they request it or their blog disappears. However, irregularity will get your blog moved to irregulars... ;-)


Hellmut said...

Cool! You have the most amazing blog roll? I was wondering if you could, please, add the new blogs to as well?

Anonymous said...

What about me? :(

(That's my shameless attention-whoring, by the way)

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Hellmut!!!

Not to worry -- I've been updating the blog roll at Main Street Plaza at the same time as I've been updating my own blog roll. I may have missed a couple (I've had a little difficulty with the software), but I've been careful to try to keep the MSP blog roll current. :D

(regarding irregulars -- the only ones I didn't add to MSP are ones that show essentially no life-signs for more than six months...)

Hey Kullervo!!!

Nice blog -- welcome to Outer Blogness!!! :D