Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting excited yet?

If you've forgotten what the excitement is about, here's a little hint.

Now, logically at this point I should be reminding you that you have only one week left to get caught up on parts 1 and 2. However, if you compare the three character charts, you'll note that I'm starting with a completely new batch of characters for part 3. So, while part 3 follows parts 1 & 2 (chronologically, in story-land), it doesn't depend on them.

That said, I'm pleased to note that the logs show an upswing in people reading Young Women's and Youth Conference over the past week or so, including people who read both together in one sitting (it apparently takes a few hours, according to the logs), as well as people who read a chapter or two and then come back for more. So maybe people are getting excited -- I know I am!!! :D

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