Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More film notes!!!

In the comments of my review of Persepolis the film some readers recommended the book as well. So I read it, loved it, and found I had a lot more I wanted to tell you about this story!! So I've written another article which has been posted on The Hathor Legacy here: Persepolis.

In other movie reviews news, I recently heard about a documentary that has gotten tons of praise and recommendations around the LDS-interest web: Burying The Past. It is a documentary about the Moutain Meadows Massacre, and -- according to what people have said about it -- this film is something of an antidote for everything September Dawn did wrong in its coverage of the tragedy. The director was kind enough to grant me an interview for Main Street Plaza which I posted here: Interview with documentary film-maker Brian F. Patrick.

Note that the film will be screened in Utah (in remembrance of the 150th anniversary of the tragedy) at the following locations:
St. George: 7 pm Sunday, Sept. 9 at the Flood Street Theaters, 140 N 400 E.
Salt Lake City: 7 pm Tuesday, September 11 at the Tower Theater, 876 E 900 S.

And I have plans to write some more for my own blog here soon instead of just writing for other blogs, so stay tuned!!! :D


Unknown said...

I don't really have any excuse not to see these films. I especially want to see Burying the Past. Thanks for the heads-up on the screenings.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey John!!!

Absolutely!!! I can tell you first-hand that Persepolis is worth watching, and I'd be right there at the screening of Burying the Past if I were in Utah...

Cyn Bagley said...

I keep checking. ;-)