Sunday, October 14, 2007

Carnival time!!!

My little post about Biblical morality has been featured in two fabulous carnivals: Carnival of the Godless and From Around the Net!!!

There's also a new edition up of my other favorite carnival the Humanist Symposium. I'm hosting the next edition right here in three weeks, so I hope all of my blog friends will think of submitting a great humanist post to me -- even those of you who don't normally send stuff to carnivals, don't be shy!!! In the meantime I have to think of a theme to make my edition of the Humanist Symposium a memorable one. Shall I do the "dirty edition" as Greta Christina suggested? We'll see....

For your further reading amusement, please have a look at my conference post over on Main Street Plaza in which I gleefully heap even more scorn upon that one sorry talk that took such a beating from the Bloggernacle. I try not to do negative posts picking on the Mormons very often, so be sure not to miss this one... ;^)

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