Saturday, October 20, 2007

Passing through the constellation of Mormonism again...

I try to vary my choices of topics, but it seems like I've been thinking about Mormonism a lot lately. It's probably because I hurt my little brain writing up the last article I'd planned for my economics of sustainable society series, so I needed to wind down with a light side topic.

To spare my non-LDS readers these highly-specialized musings, I've been posting them over on Main Street Plaza. After my conference post, I discussed the suggestion of a TBM commenter about "raising the bar" to exclude liberals and NOMs, then asked whether atheist pride was foretold in the Book of Mormon, then added a few of my own snarky comments to Hemant Mehta's interview of Ken Jennings. Plus I've got some more fun ones planned for over there in the weeks to come!! :D

One cool thing is that the discussion over on Main Street Plaza has gotten pretty lively lately, and we've even attracted comments from some bona-fide LDS bloggernaclers!!! You're welcome to go join in the fun, and remember that if you'd like to write a post for MSP, all you have to do is email latterdaymainstreet at gmail dot com or me at chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com. See you there!!!

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