Monday, October 08, 2007

A question of morality...

As if our usual three-hour services weren't sufficient, after dinner on Sunday Rex, Joy, and I had a youth fireside to attend at the bishop's house. Logically Rex shouldn't have been required to attend since he was eighteen and hence no longer in the youth program, but Mom insisted that she wanted him to go. Actually none of would have gone if we'd had a choice. So naturally we dragged our heels a bit getting there and arrived late.

When we got there it had already started. All of the couches and chairs in the living room were filled with kids. I waved to my friends Michelle and Alison, but there wasn't room for me to go sit by them.

The bishop's wife brought in some more chairs from the kitchen for us and set us up near the entry to the room. Fortunately our arrival didn't cause too much of a disturbance.

The speaker didn't interrupt his talk for us. By bad luck, his topic was morality -- exactly the subject I least wanted to hear about. It probably wasn't that much of a coincidence actually since it seemed like this was a subject they were always harping about. By "morality" of course they meant sex, and how young people shouldn't be having it. Read the rest of the story ->


beatdad said...

I like this chapter a lot. The older sisters feelings on the subject of sex mirror how I felt when I was a teen. I gave into temptation once when I kissed a girl while slow dancing at a teen dance club.

I felt horrible and repented.

I told my younger brother about this when he was about 17, and still a TBM, he laughed at my prudishness.

Needless to say, I was pretty shocked by what he and his friends considered to be within the confines of the law of chastity.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Wayne!!!

It's not surprising -- the talks directed at the youth at church generally indicate that the older sister's attitude is typical. Naturally some of the youth believe them... ;^)