Monday, October 01, 2007

You're my obsession...

(Please review the caution.)

During rehearsals over the course of the next few weeks, I had at least some individual attention from Walter essentially every time. I couldn't really be sure that that meant I was making progress with him, though, since he seemed to take time out to talk to each of the girls in turn during each rehearsal. Basically whenever he wasn't actively rehearsing a scene, he would go find some girl or other to flirt with.

Walter seemed interested in Charlene most of all, but Laura and Linda each got their allotted attention from him, plus he had several favorites among the girls in the chorus. He even sometimes appeared to be flirting with Pinky or with Jake's mom. I figured that it must just be that his regular personality was like that.

One thing that was clear was that he didn't have one particular exclusive girlfriend. It was probably just because he was about to set off on his mission, so he didn't want to get too attached to any one girl only to have her dump him while he was away like what happened to his character in the play. That was fine with me since it was really no problem for me to wait until he got back from his mission before starting a serious relationship. After he got back I would still only be seventeen.

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