Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A typical conversation overheard at my house:

Boys! Boys!!! Don't fight, otherwise no story. And don't put that in your mouth Leo.


Anonymous said...

My boys have outgrown those day, but I remember many similar conversations.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Chaplain!!!

As much as I like to see them growing up, I'm sure I'm going to miss this stage someday... ;^)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I do this too...but sometimes it is "No Recorded Books tonight!"

I just found your blog. I served a French speaking mission back in 1984...my exit interview...have a look at my new outlet!


mathmom said...

For a long time I wanted to make a recording of myself to play while the kids were eating dinner, so I wouldn't have to be there myself. "Please sit down. Would you like more to drink? Sit down at the table. You need to eat more if you want dessert. You don't have to like it, but you do have to try everything. Sit down right now." Wow, I hadn't realized how annoying I was until I just typed that...

Fortunately, dinner time has become much more pleasant recently, so I don't mind being there myself.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey erlybird!!!

That's so cool -- I'm always happy to find more exmo blogs, and yours looks great!!! I'm adding you to my "Outer Blogness" list. :D

Hey MathMom!!!

I hear you -- we have a lot of trouble getting our little guys to sit for an entire meal as well....

Anonymous said...

I swear to dawg, I finally gave up trying to keep things out of my grandkid's mouths. It's an absolute waste of time. Well, either that or it's a full-time job doing nothing but yanking everything not nailed down out of their mouths.

"Tristan, play upstairs please. Mommy's on the phone with grandpa. Aidan, come here honey, what's wrong? Don't cry or you'll wake up your sister. Oh damn, too late. Tristan, would you go check on your sister please. I know, I said go play upstairs, but would you please go downstairs now and make sure Taryn's OK. Aidan, what's the matter honey? Yes, it's OK if you go play upstairs too. Tristan, please take the Mexican Jumping Beans out of your mouth."

I hope Taryn doesn't have a dirty diaper.

"Aidan, please take that flip flop out of your mouth. Hey popsie, what's happening?"

"Nothing. I'm just glad it's you and not me."

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Tom!!!

Aw, your grandkids sound so cute!!! For little ones, naughty can be cute. :D