Monday, March 24, 2008

Interviewed by the Student Review

On Tuesday I had my lunch interview with Paige. I started my school day as usual by swinging by the cafeteria and getting my meal plan breakfast and lunch as sack meals so that I would have some food to bring to share. After spending the morning in my Latin and Multivariable Calculus classes, I set off for Paige's house.

It turned out that she lived off-campus in a house that she and a group of other girls were renting. That sort of set-up appeared a lot more fun than the dorms, especially since she had her own room.

Paige's room was full of candles on various foreign-looking candle-holders that appeared perhaps to be from India or at least from Pier 1 Imports. The candles weren't lit as there was daylight streaming in through the window past the Indian-print cloth that served as a curtain. She was playing some soft music in the background that was at once mournful yet kind of funky.

For lunch Paige had set out some whole-wheat bread and cheese and fruit. Despite this apparent penchant for natural food, she was willing to partake in the cookies and chips from my sack lunches when I offered. Then we both took a seat on some of her many floor-pillows to continue eating and discuss her article.

I started by telling Paige that my friends had suggested my strange hairdo after hearing me constantly complaining about all of the conformity at BYU. I wanted to try to make myself sound brave and/or heroic in this story, but ended up explaining honestly that I couldn't stand all the dirty looks I was getting, and after less than a single morning of it, I took to doing my hair so as to cover the shaved half whenever I was on campus. Read the rest of the story ->


James said...

"Then I allowed myself to ask the one most forbidden question of them all: What if it's not true?"

Dun dun dun! The plot thickens! Really enjoying the story. I should look around for a Lynn I can corrupt at USU.

Also, would you mind adding my blog to your Outer Blogness roll? I've started a series of posts about the LDS church, and would like more readers. :)


C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks James!!!

LOL, yeah, it's a real cliffhanger, isn't it? What will she conclude???

Your blog looks great so far -- welcome to Outer Blogness!!! :D