Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blogroll cleanup/roundup!

I've just finished the usual maintainence on Outer Blogness (and the Main Street Plaza blogroll), updating links, deleting dead links, etc. I was sad to see some popular blogs disappear into the realm of "invitation only," but the good news is that I've added some interesting new finds: Dancing with Crazy, by Emily Pearson (daughter of the famed Carol Lynn), The Waiting Line by fellow-Minnesotan wren, and Spotlight on Mormonism by Ray Agostini.

As usual, if you know of any blogs by former Mormons that I don't already have listed in Outer Blogness, please leave a comment giving me the URL. Ditto for anyone (Mormon, exmo, or nevermo) who is a regular reader who would like to be included in my blogroll (or tell me if I have your link wrong or miscategorized, etc.). Don't forget that supporting Outer Blogness by including the link in your own sidebar is always encouraged -- the script to include in your sidebar is there on the Outer Blogness page. ;^)

And on a somewhat unrelated note, the 95th Carnival of the Godless is up at The Atheist Blogger!!!


Rebecca said...

I don't know if my brother's blog(Spencer's Great Big Lies) belongs on your Outer Blogness list. He doesn't take the stuff literally, and he doesn't believe church leadership is infallible, but he is still Mormon. He considers himself a New Order Mormon. So, do with that what you will. I doubt he cares if you leave him on that list, but maybe you do.

RE said...

Are you in MN now? Anywhere near Mpls? If only you had an email linky on here somewhere. Not that I have one on my blog either. Or maybe you do and I can't find it. Ah well.

I don't talk much religion but maybe I'll throw out a ramble here and there. Pioneer Day is coming up, after all.

the webmistress of The Waiting Line

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Rebecca!!!

Okay, I'm still contemplating what to do with this case...

Hey Wren!!!

I'm not there yet -- I'll be there in about a week and a half.

Oh yeah, and when I do a blogroll cleanup post like this, you're right I really need to re-post my email address: chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com. You can write me if you'd like to get together during my visit to MN, and everyone else, feel free to direct any book or blogroll queries to the above address. :D