Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mormon Zero on Exmormon!!!

Mormon Zero has started a second blog Mormon Superstar devoted to "short stories, poems, movies, and books". Naturally, he's chosen to review Exmormon!

I'll post a bit as a teaser, and then you can go and read the whole thing:

Hanson’s book truly shines by being a "Mormon story" that is not crafted to show how one develops that perfect faithful idealism that Mormons call a testimony but how one who is striving to understand and develop such ideals gets caught up in one of a myriad of paths that Mormons refer to as "the ways of the world." This makes this book all the more enjoyable and the characters all the more relative. They aren’t perfect Mormons. In fact, one can come incredibly close to understanding an ex-mormon’s psyche by reading this book.


And, in other book review news:

I know, I know, it seems like only yesterday I was promising to lighten up a little on the book reveiws. But cut me some slack -- it's the weekend. ;^)

MoJo has reviewed Always Listen to the Ravings of a Madwoman (which I reviewed here).

And the 22nd Humanist Symposium is up, this time all about the importance of qustioning!!! (Including my review of book reviews post!)


Anonymous said...

I have neglected to mention to you that I've been reading exMormon and been thoroughly entertained. And you know me--that's all I really need. ;)

I've put it on my review list.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks MoJo!!!

Do you want me to send you an electronic copy of the whole thing? I can't remember if I've already sent it to you or not...