Monday, September 29, 2008

Guest Posts!

I've just put up a couple of fun guest posts on two of the other blogs I write for:

Estimating the cost of bad investments, or how much did the Church lose on you? is a fun little piece for exmo BYU grads reprinted (with permission) from the Student Review alums mailing list.

Elder Norton’s Most Embarrassing moment… is a story about being young and horny, reprinted (with permission) from exmo-social.


beatdad said...

On Elder Norton,

This anecdote is akin to a story of someone at a bar who has had too much to drink and is attractied to everyone. I mean who knows how attractive this, way hot woman, actually was....he was looking at her through mishie goggles.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Beat Dad!!!

That's very true. Those poor mishies are kept in a state of advanced repressed horniness. Some do okay with it, some end up embarrassing themselves and others, as we see from this amusing tale. ;^)