Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well, now I know what I'm missing...

Here's another Internet miracle for you skeptics out there!

Since I've moved to Europe, it's not as easy to go "home for the holidays" as it once was. And Thanksgiving somehow doesn't quite make the cut of holidays that warrant a transatlantic voyage.

But I might wonder -- as I'm preparing my kids their "lazy mom" dinner of PB&J and/or nutella on whole wheat with a fruit -- what I'm missing out on back home in Minnesota...

[Screen goes wavy as we cut to the imagination sequence, which you can experience too by clicking here!]

Yep, over on By Common Consent my brother posted a video of the Thanksgiving dinner I'm missing!! And -- as an added convenience for the busy blogger -- he sped it up to be only three minutes from table set to table cleared, and added some homey twangin' background music! It's (sorta) just like being there!!

The video is actually last year's Thanksgiving, but I'd be very surprised if this year's is any different.

(I wonder if they've set up a web cam, just in case...)

Happy Holidays!!!


Varina said...

I shutter to think what a sped up version of my family's thanksgiving would look like. There would be more desert, but when I try to think of anything else my brain demands I stop (as a southerner I'm required by confederate law to have a crazy family). I actually haven't been home in six years. I agree, Thanksgiving is just not such an important holiday, more like a national excuse for cornbread dressing and five kinds of pie.

Anonymous said...


C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Sabayon!!!

Yeah, I hate to be the Thanksgiving grinch, but it's too close to Christmas for me to make a separate trip to visit my folks, and aside from that, the celebration just isn't very interesting. I guess gorging is an appropriate way of showing that you're glad you never have to go hungry, and yet it seems a little questionable as well. But what do you expect from a holiday invented by the puritans specifically for the purpose of replacing all the partying, fun-having, and other pagan customs traditionally associated with the yuletide season?

Hey Tranching Reality!!!

Thanks for thinking of me, but I've tried a variant of this meme and didn't have much luck with it...

Anonymous said...

That film is a work of postmodern genius. I watched it several times.

Thanks for the great day on Saturday!! Next time come to our place and I'll supply all the wine. ;-)

- wry

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Wry!!!

Sounds great!!! Thanks for coming by -- it was great fun!!!