Sunday, December 07, 2008

And Sedna little Sedna is the farthest planet from our Sun!

That's what the kids are singing at my house tonight. I guess they've been watching too much Schoolhouse Rock and Hubble Telescope Movies...

In unrelated news, the latest Carnival of the Godless is the "Holiday Feast Edition." Mmmm, it's beginning to look a lot like "War on Christmas" season again! (As you can see from the What Would Jesus Buy? post.)

And here's a fun local-interest item: A few years ago, I read a fascinating book about baboon behavior called In Quest of the Sacred Baboon, full of interesting analysis and discussion of baboon habits and family structure. Most of the book is about observing various species of baboons in the wild, but the initial studies took place at the zoo right here in Z├╝rich! From the pictures, it looks like the studies (which took place fifty years ago) were actually in the same baboon enclosure where my familiy and I had viewed the local baboons ourselves -- right up until this past month when they built a new baboon habitat.

So I just wrote a new post for Rational Moms about all of the amazing science and conservation work done at the local zoo, not to mention how much fun it is!!!

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