Sunday, January 18, 2009

mormon-theme family photo

That's another search query I found in my grand list (of which I presented a small sample the other day). Naturally the query brought up the family portrait from "Temple Wedding," but somehow I feel like it should have pulled up this picture instead:

What's Mormon-themed about this family photo, taken back in 1994?

Not much, except for the fact that in the back of my mind I'd always thought of posting it sometime with the credits included. See, there's my sister who writes this clever blog. There's my younger brother who, among other things, was interviewed on the news. There's my older brother, whom some of you may know from his writing on By Common Consent and other places, and my youngest sister, the glamorous Mormon diva who recently sang in General Conference. Then, on the far end, a face you may already recognize.

That's the Mormon connection: your own accomplishments are fine and dandy, but it's somehow that much more presitgious to come from a big family -- all talented -- just like the Osmonds! ;^)


Anonymous said...

Great family photo.

Lilly de Nalish said...

One time a girl in my ward at BYU was (unprovoked-ly) telling my about her family and then finally said "so what's your family like?" So I said "I have a sister." her response was a quizzical "and how many brothers?" Of which I have none.

I always felt like in Mormondom your family doesn't count unless it has lots of kids who are are fascinating/talented in some way. Two kids is insufficient!

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Chaplain!!!

I think this is one of the best portraits we have of the five siblings together.

Hey Lilly!!!

Yeah, that's basically the attitude I'm talking about. I'm not sure it's a uniquely Mormon thing, but it is a Mormon thing...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful portrait!

The world would be fine without Osmonds, but the world would be a dreary place without you and your talented (and gorgeous and authentic!) family.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Sideon!!! :D