Saturday, February 28, 2009

Carnival Bonanza!!!

It's a great day for carnivals -- come check out some of the best work by other bloggers in your area of interest!

First off, for skeptical parents, there's the new installment of the once-a-month Skeptical Parent Crossing!!! I'll be hosting next month's installment of that carnival at Rational Moms, so I hope you'll contribute your best posts on the topic! Submit them here

Then there's a brand-new Humanist Symposium including an interesting piece on creativity and whether it comes from the brain (or from somewhere else, woooo...), among other thought-provoking articles. And don't miss the latest Carnival of the Liberals and Carnival of the Godless!!!

For the exmo community, you may have noticed that on Main Street Plaza I've been posting a weekly reading list of interesting posts called Sunday in Outer Blogness. This is one of the bonuses you get when you join Outer Blogness -- I subscribe to your blog, and when you post something interesting on the topic I've chosen for the week's episode, I link your post into our community discussion.

Now, if you're new here, and you're asking "Wait, how do I join Outer Blogness?" and/or "But... it seems like no new blogs have been added to Outer Blogness for, like, six months!" here's the deal: Blogrolling has (yet again) announced that they're almost done with their upgrade and that I really will be able to update Outer Blogness on "March 2", which -- translated out of Blogrolling-speak -- means "at some indefinite point in the future." But I shouldn't be too cynical! I think they probably really will have it back online sometime soon. (And, yes, I'll pay the fee to get the ad-free version.) When it happens, I'll do a major cleanup (check for dead links, add all the new folks, here and at MSP). If you're not on the list and you'd like to be, just leave a comment.

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