Saturday, February 14, 2009

How do you think God made this Earth with just one woman?

An intriguing question, posed by one of the teens on this news segment (via Chino Blanco):

The teen in question answers: "He can't; He can't make this whole big Earth with just one woman."

And how can this whole big Earth exist without God?

If the answer "it can't" seems self-evident, then this definitely makes for an interesting follow-up question... ;^)


Donk said...

I love reports by Rod "I talk like I'm constipated" Decker

John Evo said...

The god issue aside, I definitely think consulting adults who choose polygamy should be left the fuck alone. In fact, it's only BECAUSE of "god" that society persecutes them. It's one of those non-moral problems, that is turned into one ONLY once you insert religious viewpoints. Minus them, there can be no rational argument against it.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Donk!!!

Yeah, that guy is pretty funny. I liked the part where he asked the girls if they were going to have to marry an old geezer like him.

Hey John!!!

Exactly. I agree with the position (cited in the clip) of the attorney general of Utah. Prosecute abuses (like underage marriages and welfare fraud), but cohabiting with more than one woman (via "spiritual marriage" but not legal/civil marriage) is not technically illegal, hence shouldn't be prosecuted.

As I've said before, I think the state should provide some kind of legal recognition for the polygamous unions. It's not quite as simple as the case of gay marriage since there's some legal complexity in terms of which spouse is next of kin, and how is an existing marriage (legally) affected by additional polygamous unions, etc., but the logistics could be worked out. This contractual paper trail would provide legal rights and legal recourse for those women who'd like to leave polygamy, and it would make it a lot easier for law enforcement to separate abusive cases from cases of consenting adults who deserve their right of privacy. Since at least some of the Mormon fundamentalists are adults who are in it by choice, it doesn't benefit anyone to push the whole thing underground, legally speaking.

And I agree that the reason polygamy is illegal is because of competing ideas on what is "God's will" -- not because of rational arguments.

Anonymous said...

God made the earth out of women? I'm so confused... ;)

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Felicia!!!

lol, that's one way to interpret it...

That's why I pulled that question out and used it as the title of the post: It's funny because the question itself is so loaded with assumptions -- assumptions that to the speaker seem totally obvious, but leave anyone outside the Mormon mindset going "What the...?"

Unknown said...

How do these bright articulate kids, and their parents, answer the mathematical question: if the norm is 5 to 8 wives for each man, then must not most young men face a future without a wife at all? While they are a fringe minority, I suppose they could recruit women from outside their community, but the more dominant they might become, the more the pyramid scheme would have to collapse.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Bussen!!!

That's a very good point. You occasionally see articulate defenders of polygamy in the media, and it seems like people ought to ask them the obvious question about the mathematical impossibility of it. Do they just suppose they'll always be a minority, surrounded by another population from whom they can recruit ladies and into which they can eject their "redundant" boys? Or do they think that God will make sure more girls than guys get created someday when their religion covers the Earth...?