Friday, May 22, 2009

Results of My Religious Identification Survey!

Since I didn't specify an end date on my poll, I will aribtrarily pick today as the day to analyze the results!

3% - Mormon (believer)
29% - non-theist (atheist, agnostic) with Mormon heritage
57% - non-theist, no Mormon connection
4% - non-Mormon Christian
5% - other monotheist
2% - polytheist

So what do I learn from this? Well, it looks like my readership is about a third Mormon-interest. That's cool because it means that I've got a niche, but I'm not confined to it. Similarly, 14% of readers reported being theists of one kind or another. That may seem like a low proportion, but I figure it's not that I have so few religious readers, it's just that I have so many non-theist readers! :D

Also, from the comments, it looks like a lot of people don't fit easily into simple categories, but instead have varied, individualistic attitudes towards what may or may not be out there. I think this applies to some people who selected non-theist as well as to those who picked "other monotheist." I was surprised by how many people selected "other monotheist" (because I'd kind of just thinking in terms of Jewish or Muslim believers when I wrote it), but I think it's rather a reflection of one phenomenon that was discovered in some of the recent U.S. national-level religious statistics: many people raised in the Christian tradition no longer identify as Christian, even if they still believe in God.

My biggest surprise, however, was the very low proportion of polytheists -- only 2%! I totally thought that neo-paganism and Wicca were on the rise and that lots of people are reading my blog in India. And I thought that the polytheists would be flocking to my blog after that post I wrote a while back explaining that I think polytheism makes more sense than monotheism (here). I really do think that, BTW -- belief in the supernatural is one thing, but to postulate on top of that that all of this chaos fits into a coherent plan of one loving and omnipotent being...? Let's just say that's a pretty big additional stretch. Interestingly, that post was cited on a theological discussion thread on an English-speaking forum in Pakistan. But that was a while ago, and I guess those readers didn't stick around...

Oh, well. All-in-all, it looks like we've got a fun bunch! Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone!!! :D


Rev. Bob said...

I started reading because I hardly know anything about LDSs. Reading about people and things and ideas I already know about is pretty much the definition of boring to me.

I stayed because of the free cake.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Rev. Bob!!!

That's fantastic! Seeing how my (Mormon) experiences compare to other people's experiences is one of aspects I most love about blogging. :D