Friday, May 08, 2009

World-wide book discussions!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to the discussion of The Authoritarians!!! In addition to a lot of insights in the comments of the original post, Matt has written two follow-up posts, one about how followers shouldn't be dismissed as innocent victims of bad leaders and another about the infamous Mormon plane-crash object lesson.

Then, for something completely different, I saw an interesting discussion of reaching the market for Mormon-interest literature. The question of what to do about "anti-Mormon" works naturally came up. And, naturally, I was curious to learn which works the Mormon Lit folks consider "anti-Mormon," so I put up a little game -- Anti-Mormon... Or Not? -- giving real-life examples of borderline works. And the Mo-Lit gurus were kind enough to continue the discussion by including my challenge in the litany of excellent links roundup! :D

Also, remember that for Non-Believing Literati we're reading The Jungle. Posts are due on May 29, so if you haven't read the book yet, it's not too late to join in the discussion. I imagine a lot of you have been thinking of reading this one since it's becoming relevant again (see, for example, this article, hat tip Pixelfish) -- so what are you waiting for?

I went to the bookstore last weekend to pick up The Jungle, but unfortunately it was sold out, so I had to order it. I'll get it tomorrow. In the meantime (being at the bookstore and all) I picked up another book at random, and it turned out to be very interesting! Stay tuned -- I'll post about this mystery book this weekend!!! :D

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