Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogspace slowing down? Say it ain't so!

At least it seems like blogspace isn't growing as rapidly as it used to. Mojoey notes that the atheist blogroll has been hovering around 900 for months; similarly Outer Blogness has had a population of around 200 for a while.

Here's TooManyTribbles' video of where the atheist blogroll was at two years ago:

It looks like blogging is still quite popular, and still growing in popularity -- just growing at a slower rate. My guess is that the people who thought blogging would make them rich-n-famous have given up, the people who were just in blogspace to share photos with family and friends have switched to FaceBook, and people who like to try the latest fad... well, I'm not in the loop as to what those guys are up to. The people who remain here in blogworld are the ones who just happen to like expressing themselves in this format.

Like me!!

I like socializing online (see my friend, the Internet), and I especially like having the motivation to write out my thoughts in coherent essays. It's fun to share ideas and discuss! :D


Andrew S said...

interested to know many of the Outer Blogness blogs still regularly post? When you say steady at 200, is that taking into consideration some move-outs, close-downs, inactive blogs, etc., and also some new faces? Or is that a list of everyone, some of which may be inactive and some new people who may be undiscovered?

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Andrew!!!

Yes, I add and subtract from the list.

I only delete a blog from the list if either it is deleted or the owner sets it to private access (which has happened to quite a number of great blogs, sadly). I leave them on the list if they're merely inactive -- which means there are a certain number on the list that haven't seen a new post in years.

On the other hand, I find new exmo blogs all the time. I just added a new one a couple days ago.

Andrew S said...

OK, that makes sense. I would be interested in seeing, however, how the list looks (for, let's say...atheism blogs in general...ex-mormon blogs...and then faithful member blogs) when you factor out those who haven't written posts in...say...1 month...3 months...6 months...the last year. But I'm awfully lazy to take a look at the data myself. :3