Saturday, September 12, 2009

It never rains but it pours on Main Street Plaza!

At the end of my road trip, I found that none of my co-bloggers at Main Street Plaza had posted anything between my last two weekly community roundups.

No biggie -- it's not the first time it's happened. The surprising thing is what came next!

We had a blue-ribbon week of great posts, starting with ProfXM on Mormons and Credit Cards, then Jonathan's extensive list of signs you might be in a cult (with some great discussion of varying degrees of cultitude, even in non-religious organizations), then Joel McDonald's touching personal story about God and Being Gay, then Hellmut's logical-yet-heartfelt personal journey through Mormonism, then Saganist's quandary about what you can say in church, and then Chino gave us a piece to repost regarding the same-sex marriage question in Maine. And we've got more fantastic material coming up!!

Is is luck, or are my recruiting efforts finally starting to pay off?

My friend M wrote me recently to ask if I had any suggestions for co-bloggers on his new blog Latter-day Skeptics. Naturally, I told him that whenever I find such people, I try to recruit them to write for MSP. ;^)

But it would be fantastic if cultural Mormon blogspace is blossoming into a big enough community to support a network of inter-linked group blogs! I just recently noticed some groups I hadn't noticed before: Mormon Expression and USU SHAFT.

And to think I thought that blogspace was slowing down! Nope, looks like it was just the Summer doldrums. :D


HH said...

Saw you referenced on Pharyngula for the youtube vid! Nice work. That will get some serious exposure.

Loved the references in this post. Keep the "reason."

HH =)

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks HH!!!

Matt said...

Secretly, I'd like to co-blog with you, Chanson. But first we'd have to get rid of all those other guys. :P


C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Matt!!!

But seriously, I think there's plenty of room for different group blogs around here. I gather that your niche is more focused on the atheist/skeptic community whereas MSP -- while largely atheist -- is aiming for a more general outlook, including various theistic perspectives.

I hope you find some great co-bloggers for your new blog!!