Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The last P-day of my mission

I was back home fishing. The morning sun was filtering down the canyon as I rowed my boat out to the middle of a calm lake and started preparing my lines...

Not really.

But in my mind I was already gone. Anywhere but wasting the last P-day of my mission watching the rest of the missionaries of my zone playing basketball.

At least my companion Elder Beaverton was having fun. He was doing great -- he was all over the court.

Elder Beaverton was really into basketball. It always annoyed him when people would ask him about hockey, just assuming he loved hockey since he was from Canada. Read the rest of the story ->


mathmom said...

OK, I know you are against the Wikipedia storytelling method, but... What in the world is a P-day? (maybe it gets explained in the next installment.)

Also, you've probably heard this already, but there are some repeated paragraphs towards the end of the section for today. I think the second version of "Why you little---!" reads better than the first, but that's just my opinion. Is there a standard way to write that phrase in print?

I did enjoy the section. The only problem with reading the section as soon as it comes out is that I have to wait for a whole week before the next one comes out =)

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Mathmom!!!

Thank you for pointing out that error I made in placing the text. It's fixed now.

I thought the real Wikipedia might have an explanation of P-day, buy, sadly, no.

I think that P-day stands for "preparation day." It's a day when the missionaries do alternate tasks instead of proselytizing. It can include R & R within certain parameters, depending on the mission rules.

Actually, maybe some readers who have served a mission can help explain this better than I can...

Unknown said...

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