Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The conclusion of Bordeaux Mission!

Feeling the light breeze on my face, I looked out at the water. The edges of the moving water between the feet of the bridge curled into little whirlpools here and there. I tried to drag up all the rusty memories of my former life in Orem, back when everything was so much simpler. I was so faithful then, what had happened to me?

Picturing my home and my family, my youth and my old ward, I started to feel like a good missionary again. I kept all of these pleasant images in my mind until it was time to go get Nick and go to my interview with the Mission President.

When it was my turn, the Mission President shook my hand and started asking me all of the familiar temple recommend questions: Read the rest of the story ->


Melisma said...

Bordeaux Mission is a great read. I went back and read the whole thing together in one sitting. I like how you show Elder Hobbs' inner dilemmas. This last part ranks as my favorite in this whole series.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Melisma!!!

I'm glad you liked it! And I agree that this segment may be the best one in the series.

Anonymous said...

Very nice story. I assume there will be a sequel, since you finished in good cliffhanger form. :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Chaplain!!!

Just stay tuned for exmo conference. ;^)