Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I did for "Boobquake"

As you've probably heard, some female scientists decided to test a Muslim cleric's hypothesis about scantily-clad women causing earthquakes, and results are in!!! They failed to cause any significant increase in earthquakes.

Now I feel bad that didn't really participate. I'm not saying I would necessarily have affected the results, but you never know (see here and here for some pictures of me).

Here's my excuse: It was a Monday! I work in a very small company with just a handful of colleagues whom I see everyday, and I'm in engineering. Dressing sexy would just make things awkward. On principle, I don't object to colleagues having sexual fantasies about me (as long as they keep it to themselves), but going out of my way to encourage that sort of thing doesn't help my career.

Of course, I'm actually only working part-time at the moment -- so in theory I could have dressed sexy when I took my kids to the grocery store later that afternoon. Instead, I just wore my usual jeans and a T-shirt. My excuse this time? OK, it was just pure laziness. It's enough of a bother to get my kids ready and out the door.

In my defense, though, I'd like to point out that there are some theocracies where I would not be allowed to work alongside men as colleagues, and where simply going shopping in jeans and a t-shirt (showing my hair!) would be enough to get acid thrown on my face. Here, I can do both without anyone batting an eye.

As I've said before, modesty is relative to culture. So I'd like to spend this post-Boobquake moment thanking all of the deliberately immodest ladies out there who have moved the poles of what it takes to dress sexy in our society. Thanks to you, I can dress for my comfort without any worry that I'm being provocative. Well done! :D


Nathaniel said...

Heh. You make a good point. For that Iranian idiot, an ankle showing or a bit of hair revealed is what's causing the moral degeneration of the youth. A woman going out on her own dressed with her arms and legs showing, hair uncovered, is probably outside the realm of mental possibility.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I was at a conference and had no idea that Boobquake was taking place. Then again, it's not likely that my participation would have affected the results or anything. :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Nathaniel!!!

Exactly. So, in a sense, I participated. ;)

Hey Chaplain!!!

Come on!! I'm sure that if you'd participated and if I'd made more than a token effort, there'd've been a major quake somewhere!!! ;^)