Monday, May 17, 2010

Multi-lingual Puns!!!

Now -- as you know -- we're currently living in Switzerland, the land of many languages!

I pointed out to my kids the other day how funny it is that the German word for cold (kalt) sounds a lot like the Italian word for hot (caldo). So we invented a joke dialog in which a German and an Italian are debating about the weather on a hot day:

Italian: Fa caldo.
German: Nein! Es ist nicht kalt, es it heiss!

(and so on, ad infinitum, for lots of laughs...)

Well just today, my little Leo (who just turned 7), used this same formula to invent his own joke! He noticed that the German word for fast (schnell) sounds an awful lot like the English word snail (something not fast at all!):

English: Look, that is a snail.
German: Nein! Das ist nicht schnell! Das ist langsam!

(and so on, ad infinitum, for lots of laughs... ;^) )


MoHoHawaii said...

Yes, indeed, the 2nd grade is the golden age of humor. The jokes are silly, often based on wordplay and very innocent. "Knock, knock" jokes epitomize the genre. Truly, no one tells a joke as enthusiastically as a 2nd grader.

They grow up so fast. :- )

naath said...

I think you might like this one (I do appologise for my *appalling* German):

Warum esen sie Französisch ein ei fur Frustuck?

Weil ein ei genug est!

[er, this is a funny joke when told like this:

Why do the French have one egg for breakfast?

Because one egg is "un oerf" (sounds-like 'enough' er, if your French accent is bad in the same way mine is)

but for some reason I find the German version hilarious even though the actual joke has been removed]

Therese said...

Brilliant! My sense of humor is not far removed from that of a second grader, so I really liked these ...

Hypatia said...

lol. Thank you for posting these. Very cute. And funny!
(I'm really glad I took some German in college).