Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Italy trip tips #4: graffiti!!

OK, this one isn't really a tip. I just wanted to highlight some amusing graffiti we saw. For example, this ordinary traffic sign in Florence was (for some unknown reason) transformed into a crucifix:

Also, what's up with these space invaders???

I saw this one right by the famous Spanish staircase in Rome, and I saw another one on my recent trip to Paris as well (though I don't remember exactly where it was).

Also -- this is a bit of a tangent, but -- I want to throw in a picture of my husband so you can see that he really was there with me:

My sweetie and Hercules battling a centaur

As usual he doesn't show up in that many photos because he tends to be on the other side of the camera. ;)


Anonymous said...

Invader is a famous graffiti artist. he has stuff all around the world


Anonymous said...

Hi sorry to post this on your comments, but I was wondering if I could get an html code for the Main Street Plaza blogroll my blog is on. I'm Thought Note Chronicles ;) I don't know what I did with the html code to stick in my sidebar! :) Thanks tons. -Suz notes4suz@hotmail.com

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Gamzoo!!!

I thought it was something like that, but I didn't have the details -- thanks!

Interestingly, Rome isn't mentioned on the wikipedia article as one of the cities that's been "Invaded". I wonder if it's a copycat or if the Wikipedia article just isn't up-to-date.

Hey Suz!!!

That would be great! The html code is posted here.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for the html code. BTW, where's the centaur's head in that pic of the statue? Freaky!

James said...

Being held by Hercules's left hand, I suppose.

Robert said...

Watch "Exit Through the Gift Shop." It's about graffiti artists, and it's awesome.