Saturday, December 04, 2010

And now my immense psychic powers will make this blog more relevant to your life!!

Check this out!! In the course of livening up the ol' blog, I've added this this fab new sidebar widget --> to psychically *cough* randomly *cough* select a batch of amusing old posts just for you!

After a bit of playing with it, it's kind of making me want to go back and delete all of my less-interesting filler-posts. Like this one. ;)

p.s. If any of the posts it chooses really are eerily relevant to your life, please leave a comment! I'd like to build up some (self-selection-biased) evidence to prove that my psychic powers really are amazing!!! :D


vjack said...

Good find. I had no idea that this existed. I think I'll give it a try too.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey VJack!!!

Yeah, I'm glad this plug-in was already out there for free. (I was about to try my hand at JavaScripting one, but then I figured this must already exist...).

For a while, I had a static "best of" list in my sidebar to introduce new readers to the site. But the problem is that that one list I chose so many eons ago isn't necessarily the best of my blog, and it's a bother to try to keep it updated. And I'm really not happy with the "popular posts" widget -- it creates a cycle where a handful of (non-necessarily-representative) posts remain as the top posts forever. I figured selecting a bunch of titles and snippets at random would work better for giving people the flavor of the site.

Also, I think it would be cool if someone responds with an "eerily relevant" post turning up. It's a funny illustration of how a random collection of complex information naturally turns up coincidences -- like "miracles".