Thursday, January 20, 2011

My continuing adventures as the Vulcan/Romulan Captain Thelev on TeeVee!!!

I hope you liked the earlier episode I posted (the one where I got to play my own evil twin, separated at birth -- one of my faves!). Well, that was episode #7, and here are episodes 8, 9, and 10:

In this one, my younger sister plays a child-genius who invents a computerized brain -- that escapes, naturally. The folks of the lower decks try to catch it without the Captain getting wind of the situation.

In this one, I watch in horror as my arch-rival gets the promotion I deserved! Also features sneaky Tholians and a hamster getting dropped into the soup.

In this one, Captain Kirk's illegitimate grandson (who replaced the horta as our first officer) gets a chance to prove himself -- by figuring out the mystery of the weird recurring dreams!

If you guys like these, I'll go back and post episodes 1-5, but I'd rather you start with these because the earlier ones have poor sound and production quality.

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helensotiriadis said...

oscar material, captain!