Monday, October 24, 2011

Check out my article in Free Inquiry!

The October/November issue of Free Inquiry is all about Mormons -- and guess who wrote and article for it!!

Yep, that's my name, right next to Mr. Deity Brian Dalton. :)

Edit: You can read the article online here.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

"That's so Mormon"...? Dan, no!

If homophobic teachings by church leaders are to blame for anti-gay bullying, should people respond by giving Mormons a taste of their own medicine? Dan Savage OK's it, but I say no in my latest piece on Main Street Plaza!

See also my posts on bullying.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

More wacky exotic beverages!

This isn't really a food blog, but it hit me that I've written about a number of amusing and strange beverages from woo-juice to ironic eco-juice to local Swiss beer. And I recently discovered another one that had me scratching my head a for a while:

I picked it up because I was eating spicy food at an Indian restaurant, and they didn't have any lassi, so I just grabbed whatever yoghurt beverage they happened to have on hand. And I liked it immediately because I prefer drinks that aren't sweet. It was the first time I'd found a yoghurt beverage that wasn't sweetened like a dessert.

After buying this a few more times at the Indian place, I started to get a little bit worried about it. I mean, it's made in Germany, it's called "Ayran", and it's so white. I started fervently hoping that I wasn't accidentally drinking some sort of white supremacist beverage -- especially since it's so good, I didn't want to have to give it up! [Note: unlike this picture, the one I bought didn't say "Turkish National Drink" on it.] But after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, it hit me that Ayran and Aryan aren't the same thing.

Then I invented my own crazy variant!

I figured, since the sweet yoghurt beverages are flavored with banana or strawberry or mango, why not take a savory yoghurt beverage and add a little tomato juice? It's actually not bad, especially with a dash of Tabasco sauce and a sprig of basil...