Saturday, October 01, 2011

More wacky exotic beverages!

This isn't really a food blog, but it hit me that I've written about a number of amusing and strange beverages from woo-juice to ironic eco-juice to local Swiss beer. And I recently discovered another one that had me scratching my head a for a while:

I picked it up because I was eating spicy food at an Indian restaurant, and they didn't have any lassi, so I just grabbed whatever yoghurt beverage they happened to have on hand. And I liked it immediately because I prefer drinks that aren't sweet. It was the first time I'd found a yoghurt beverage that wasn't sweetened like a dessert.

After buying this a few more times at the Indian place, I started to get a little bit worried about it. I mean, it's made in Germany, it's called "Ayran", and it's so white. I started fervently hoping that I wasn't accidentally drinking some sort of white supremacist beverage -- especially since it's so good, I didn't want to have to give it up! [Note: unlike this picture, the one I bought didn't say "Turkish National Drink" on it.] But after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, it hit me that Ayran and Aryan aren't the same thing.

Then I invented my own crazy variant!

I figured, since the sweet yoghurt beverages are flavored with banana or strawberry or mango, why not take a savory yoghurt beverage and add a little tomato juice? It's actually not bad, especially with a dash of Tabasco sauce and a sprig of basil...


Smorg said...

You are adventurous! :oD In writing the combination of yogurt, tomato juice and Tabasco sauce seems rather dodgy, but one never knows if one never tries indeed.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Smorg!!!

It's unexpected, indeed, but tasty! I just had one again this morning!

Joseph's Left One said...

You need to try chicha morada. I'd bet you could get it somewhere in Europe: