Sunday, September 11, 2022

A Totally Normal Dojo!

 The dojo where my minifigure takes her Spinjitsu lessons is an original building, but it is (obviously) Ninjago-based.

In the very top section lives a lava-monster. The lava-monster is from the "Power Miners" series from the 2000's. Sadly, I think we lost most of our lava-monsters, but I thought it would be fun to put this one in a little lava pool at the top of the dojo.

 The lower two sections have screens that slide open, revealing secrets in the interior.

It looks like part of the left side of the dojo has been taken over by the "upside-down" from "Stranger Things."

In fact the whole dojo has been taken over by various monsters including an alien on the ground floor and Slenderman in the garden.

The back is similar to the front except that the panels don't slide open.

And there's a little garden on the side with a Ninjago-inspired tree. I'm including various photos below:

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