Friday, February 10, 2006

Meta-blog: a blog entry about bloggin'

I know, I know -- once you're reduced to writing blog entries about blogging, you know it's time to step away from the computer and go out there and have some real-life experiences!!! And the most pathetic part is that I'm actually on vacation right now...

Anyway, you may have noticed that I've added a bunch of sidebar links. Please comment here if you object to any of them, like say, if you object to the fact that your blog appears here, you object to the fact that your blog does not appear here, or if I made some mistake with your link (i.e. listed your blog as an exmo blog when it's really an LDS blog or something like that).

Also, just because a link appears here doesn't mean I necessarily endorse the site. Basically, in support of our fledgling exmo blog network, I gathered up all of the blog URLs that people posted to Exmo-Social and RfM, and I have not gone through all of the content carefully. That's why I put the disclaimer "follow at your own risk" above them. Then I put "follow at your own risk" over the other exmo links because Exmo-Social is full of "adult content", and RfM is full of "anti-Mormon content". Then I put "follow at your own risk" above my list of LDS blogs just because I didn't want them to feel left out. But really I've checked those out, and they're pretty tame and entertaining. Oh, I have to warn you though -- they're full of "LDS content".

Actually I kind of hesitated before including the Mormon 2 Catholic one since really I'm no more in favor of Catholicism than I am in favor of Mormonism. Possibly less.

But then I thought "Hell, I've included a bunch of LDS blogs, so why not throw in a Catholic blog?" After all, we've got tons of Catholicism in the family -- my husband grew up Catholic, and every summer we take the kids to Lourdes to visit his elderly aunt there who is a nun. My brother's husband is also a "Cultural Catholic", and my other brother's wife is actually a believing/practicing Catholic. In fact my only married sibling who didn't marry any kind of Catholic is my sis who married her RM in the temple... :D

Then I was thinking it might be more interesting if it were something like "Mormon 2 Pagan" since -- if you're going join up with a religion anyway -- that one seems like it would be more interesting. But then I remembered that that's basically what Sideon's Sanctuary is, isn't it? (Hi, Sideon!)

So, in essence, if you wander around the sidebar here, you'll see all sorts of different perspectives.

p.s. about the Catholic blog: I've looked at it, and it seems pretty interesting. I tried to post a nice comment there a few times, but kept getting an error message, so they need to make sure their comments are working and/or turn of their "demon comment blocker" option off... ;-)


Sideon said...

Hi, Chanson!

I like the disclaimers for the various sites. Very PC - that way no one can claim offense if they made an adult decision and had their little retinas seared inside their head. Of course, there will be some who will always blame the other person (you MADE me read your stuff!), but a good bottle of vodka or tequila will fix that one :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Okay, in the interest of providing a useful sidebar to my many (lol) readers, I've done a little cleanup. Basically anybody who said their blog is done or hasn't updated their blog even once since I added their link has been dropped. If you're offended that your link has been dropped, please comment here and promise me that you'll be providing interesting content regularly!!! ;-), and I'll be happy to put the link back.

Also I moved Sideon's blog to the top because he posts the most comments to my blog. Murphy Maphia got moved up for the same reason. Hey, let's not be disingenuous here -- I totally play favorites!!! ;-)